The World and Success

If you are looking to grow in your career, let me give you a hint. The world does not owe you anything. The world does not owe you success. Your employer does not owe you a fat paycheck. If you want those things, you’ve got to work hard to make them happen.

I once knew someone who started out on the bottom level of an organization. He did a decent job, but got hung up on wanting his ship to come in through a bottom-level job. When it didn’t happen, this employee turned bitter and ended up leaving under adverse circumstances. This individual got waylaid through a belief that his career ship should come in through an entry level job.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking just because you work hard that your employer owes you a promotion, a raise or a corner office. Lots of people work hard. I hope you are among them, but don’t think that just because you tote that barge and lift that bale that any day you should rise to the top of the career food chain.

Have you been guilty of enviously observing successful people.? Why do they have all the good fortune? You went to college, made good grades, paid your dues and still sit here in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, Jethro passed English literature by the skin of his teeth and now is a self-made millionaire.

It’s so easy to blame the system because after all, since you made better grades than Jethro in college, you should be more successful, right? Wrong. According to U.S. News & World Report, 88% of American millionaires are self made. They didn’t inherit their money. They worked for it.

Next time you look at your millionaire friend and think that life isn’t fair, ask yourself if you are willing to do what your friend did. Take your friend to lunch and ask “how did you do it?” You’ll probably hear something about how hard he/she worked back in the day before the money started rolling in.

Successful people are goal oriented. They set goals and work to achieve them. They don’t hang up on feeling sorry for themselves. Long before the big bucks rolled in, they developed the discipline of working each day to accomplish positive goals.

If you find yourself stuck in a job where you’re busting your buns for peanuts, remember that your company wasn’t founded so you could become rich. Your company was founded so the owner could become rich. Realize that the owner took a chance, started the company and assumed the risk of failure. You didn’t.

As an old supervisor of mine used to say, here’s what you need to do. Work on yourself. Rather than drowning your sorrows at the local tavern with all the other workplace whiners, work on becoming a better you. Improve your skills. Outgrow your current position by attaining the skills to move up the ladder.

That way if you work for a proverbial cheapskate, you keep improving yourself until you can move elsewhere. Read the right books, learn new skills and make yourself more attractive in the marketplace than those chronic complainers always bellyaching about their sorry job.

The world doesn’t owe you success. Yet, the world offers the opportunity for success to those who develop a plan and consistently work it. Be the individual who attracts success because of the person you become.